Friday, 1 June 2012

Top marketing tips

Top marketing tips

  1. Never stop marketing: promoting your business should be an ongoing activity and not just something you do when things are quiet! Think about companies like Coca-Cola – hugely successful, yet they are always getting their message out there.
  2. Focus on your USP: in all your marketing material focus on telling your customers about what makes your product different and better than what’s currently on the market. E.g. rather than just selling “cookies”, sell  “home-baked cookies with Belgian chocolate and no additives”.
  3. It’s all in the name: try to give your product a catchy name and perhaps even design a logo for it. This will give your product a strong and memorable identity.
Don’t forget…
… the importance of packaging. 
Students often feel that this is not important. However the opposite is in fact true.  Your packaging says a lot about your business. Your customers may make a decision to buy from you purely based on eye-catching and tasteful packaging...


Ankita Mishra [MBA,Marketing/HR]
Manager Marketing
AeroSoft Corp

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