Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vodafone ZooZoo ads- A perfect example of Viral Marketing

Vodafone ZooZoo ads
If your an Indian I’m sure you’ll never miss a laugh at the Vodafone ZooZoo ads which mainly appear during the IPL season. The advertisements are really attractive it would capture the attention of every individual. Initially everyone thought that the advertisements were pure animation, but it was later known that kids enacted the whole thing while wearing a mask.

Unlike the other two above this wasn’t a free cost campaign, but it successfully triggered a viral chain. After launching the campaign Vodafone’s subscription rates increased by almost 30% each quarter and moreover they made good amount of money selling their ZooZoo goodies.
Ofcourse this took millions of dollars as they had bid for heavy viewership during the infamous Indian Premier League, but they’ve successfully got more than they had asked for. So you see this clears a major mis-understanding among people who think viral marketing is free, at many circumstances it is free, but it will be faster and much easier if its paid


Ankita Mishra [MBA,Marketing/HR]
Manager Marketing
AeroSoft Corp

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