Friday, 1 June 2012

What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of satisfying your customers’ needs while selling your product / service at the best price, anywhere you can, using suitable promotion or advertising.
Your existing and potential customers are referred to as your ‘market’

What is the ‘Marketing Mix?

The marketing mix or the 5 Ps of marketing are:
  1. Product: your product or service
  2. Price: the price you will charge
  3. Place: where you will sell your product / service
  4. Promotion: how you will promote your product / service to potential customers
  5. Packaging: your product packaging
Just like a cake, your marketing plan should be made up of different ingredients. For example, just as all cakes contain ingredients such as eggs, flour, milk, sugar – your marketing plan should contain all of your 5 Ps. 


In real life business today if you don’t get online you get left behind!
More and more entrepreneurs in Ireland are now making use of Internet technology to promote their business online and stay one step ahead of their competitors.
If you want to impress the judges at this year’s competition you need to start thinking like these entrepreneurs. You need to be creative and imaginative in how you promote your business to your target audience.
Think beyond posters and flyers!

As well as using traditional publicity tools to promote your business e.g.  posters, flyers etc… try using websites like Bebo, Facebook and Youtube to get your message out there and reach your customers. 

Most of you are probably using these already to communicate with your friends – why not do the same to communicate with your customers?
Some ideas to get you started:

Set up a website for your mini-company with a Bebo, Facebook, Google Pages or My Space page.
Set up a blog using Bebo or My Space blog feature, the Facebook ‘Notes’ feature or set up a separate blog on or
Upload photos of your product(s) to websites like Flickr, Slideshare and Ovi.

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